Saturday, October 25, 2014

On killing terrorists: the hypocrisy and Obama's viciously anti-Israel regime

In New York yesterday police shot and killed Zale Thompson a Jihadist convert to Islam who attacked a number of policemen with an axe. Just imagine if, in response to this event, the Government of Israel issued the following statement:
Israel expresses its deepest condolences to the family of a US citizen (Zale Thompson) who was killed by the US Police Forces during clashes in New York on October 24. We demand a speedy and transparent investigation into his killing.
Well Israel did not issue such a statement, but on the same day as the Zale Thompson killing, Israeli security forces killed a Palestinian who was throwing Molotov cocktails at them. And the US Government really did issue the following statement:
The United States expresses its deepest condolences to the family of a US citizen minor (Orwah Hammad) who was killed by the Israeli Defence Forces during clashes in Silwad on October 24. We demand a speedy and transparent investigation into his killing.
This came just two days after the US government initially refused to condemn the Palestinian terror attack that killed 3-month old American-Israeli baby girl Chaya Zisel Baron, and injured many others - an attack that had not only been incited by the rhetoric of PA President Abbas but was wildly celebrated by both Hamas and the PA. The US government - which insists Israel must make concessions to Hamas and the PA - did eventually issue a half-hearted condemnation but in the same statement demanded that Israel "show restraint". The US Government has also desperately tried to cover up the fact that Chaya (and several of the other injured victims) were US citizens. This is especially strange since we are now seeing a trend whereby the US Government is very keen to announce that Palestinian terrorists 'victims' are 'US citizens'.

So now it seems that any Palestinian terrorist can not only be a hero martyr to Hamas and the PA, but can also be considered an American citizen, thereby gaining the protection of the US government in addition to the UN.

On the same day that this all happened Obama's new best friends in Iran hanged 26-year-old rape victim Reyhaneh Jabbari and the US government issued no condemnation but instead offered to allow Iran to run three times as many nuclear centrifuges - for the sole purposes of producing a  nuclear bomb to destroy Israel.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Why I have some respect for Anjem Choudary ...

The media's favourite Islamic hate figure Anjem Choudary is in the news again today for having been an inspiration to the Jihadists who committed attacks in Canada and New York this week.

But I have some respect for him because - unlike every mainstream politician and every Islamic apologist who appears in the media to spew their 'religion of peace nonsense' - Choudary makes it very clear what the goals of Islam are ... and he really is an expert in Islam. That means he is not only providing the British public with very important insights, but that in the long term he is a far lesser risk than media darlings like Baroness Warsi and Mehdi Hasan.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Killing Jewish babies: no sympathy, no condemnation, no news

Today a Palestinian terrorist from Hamas murdered a 3-month old American-Israeli baby girl called Chaya Zisel Baron, and injured many others, in an attack at a Jerusalem light railway station that can be seen on video here (I was waiting at that very station just a few days ago). Hamas is celebrating the attack. The Obama administration refused to condemn the attack or even make a statement about what happened; instead spokeswoman Marie Harf "urged restraint" and called on all parties to "maintain calm". Harf also refused to comment on the citizenship of the victims, amid reports that several are American. The Jerusalem Post and other sources are also reporting that the terrorist had been imprisoned for a previous terrorist act and may have been one of those whom the Obama administration forced Israel to release as a 'peace concession'.

Despite the seriousness of today's terrorist attack and the circumstances surrounding it, it has not been mentioned in a single non-Israeli/Jewish news outlet. Not a single mention on any of the 24-hour news channels (in fact there was an earlier terrorist attack today on Israelis near the Sinai border that has also not been reported outside Israel)

Contrast this response to what happened in July when a Palestinian teenager 'of American descent' (Tariq Khdeir) who threw firebombs at Israeli policemen in Jerusalem received, in return, a black eye when resisting arrest. In response to this incident the Obama administration (via White House spokesman Jan Pseki) expressed its disgust at the Israelis saying it was "profoundly troubled ..and we are calling for a speedy, transparent and credible investigation and full accountability for any excessive use of force,”. The incident was headline news for two days on every western news channel/media.

Clearly in the eyes of the world a Palestinian thug who gets a black eye when resisting arrest after throwing a firebomb deserves far more sympathy than a Jewish baby deliberately killed by a Palestinian terrorist.

Update: there was some interest in the story ... Associated Press reported that "Israeli police shoot man in east Jerusalem" Also a US official has 'confirmed the baby was American'.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The beauty of Israel

Yesterday I posted about seeing the black flag of ISIS raised in the Muslim Arab village opposite my friend's apartment in Pisgat Ze'ev in North Jerusalem. In total contrast one of the children at my friend's apartment was celebrating her 9th birthday. The beauty, joy and hope in this child's face is a perfect example of the Israel that is never shown in the main stream media. Below are other photos taken in the last week during the festival of Succoth and Simchat Torah.
Birthday girl in Pisgat Ze'ev

Sukkah by the Wailing Wall

Tel Aviv beach
Sukkah by the Wailing Wall

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

Family eating in cummunal sukkah
Sukkah in King David Hotel Jerusalem
Carmel market Tel Aviv
Carmel market Tel Aviv
Simchat Torah, Rabin Square Tel Aviv
Soldiers and a child near the Wailing Wsll
Tel Aviv sunset
Sukkah in Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem
Wailing Wall at night

Pathetic response from Foreign and Commonwealth Office to my complaint about Britain's Consul-General in Jerusalem

McPhail (left) wearing his 'death to Israel' scarf; antisemitism at the heart of the Foreign Office

In August I wrote to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office about the actions of Britain's most senior diplomat in Israel - the Consul-General in Jerusalem Alastair McPhail, questions.asking some very specific questions. I have finally had a response, which not only completely ignores my complaint, but is a template letter about "Gaza". Presumably every letter about Israel is assumed to be about Gaza and all such letters are classified as 'pro' or 'anti' Israel so that one of just two standard responses can be sent. Clearly the Foreign Office is not just institutionally anti-Semitic but it is also totally incompetent:
Our reference: EMOP/1151/2014
Subject: Gaza
16 October 2014
Dear Mr Davidson,
Thank you for your email of 24 August about Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs).  I have been asked to reply.  I apologise for the delay in replying to your email, but the Near East Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office receives an exceptionally large volume of correspondence.
I would like to assure you that the UK Government’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has not changed. The UK’s longstanding position is that we support a negotiated settlement leading to a safe and secure Israel living alongside a viable and sovereign Palestinian state, based on 1967 borders with agreed land swaps, Jerusalem as the shared capital of both states, and a just, fair and agreed settlement for refugees. The UK will continue to do all it can to support and advance efforts to resolve the conflict.
On behalf of
Near East Department
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

I see ISIS flags fly in Jerusalem today

Inside the Pisgat Ze'ev shopping mall (from an earlier visit): Arabs eating in kosher Jewish restaurant
The Arab village Shuafat seen today from a friend's apartment in Pisgat Ze'ev. The security wall separating the areas can be clearly seen. The building in the middle was flying the ISIS flag.
Pisgat Ze'ev is an area just 3 miles north of the centre of Jerusalem that in so many ways characterises the Israeli-Arab conflict and the widespread misunderstanding of it in the rest of the world. Pisgat Ze'ev was an area that played an important role in servicing the second Jewish Temple but was a deserted wasteland under the illegal Jordanian occupation between 1948 and 1967  (interestingly in 1930 much of the land had been bought by Jews).  However, Pisgat Ze'ev is now an important suburb of Jerusalem (and is almost a city in its own right), with over 50,000 residents (an increasing number of whom are Arabs). The new Jerusalem light railway starts from Pisgat Ze'ev. Despite all of this international anti-Semites 'experts' who have never been to Israel laughably classify Pisgat Ze'ev as "an Israeli settlement in occupied East Jerusalem".

Despite what the international anti-Semites 'experts' say, any eventual 'final borders' of Israel will include Pisgat Ze'ev as evidenced by the fact that the infamous security wall snakes around Pisgat Ze'ev separating it from the sprawling Muslim Arab village of Shuafat. Unlike "Jewish" Pisgat Ze'ev - where any additional housing plans draw the wrath of the international community - Shuafat continues to grow without the need for any planning permission; and unlike Pisgat Ze'ev  where Jews and Arabs have equal rights, no Jewish civilian can even safely step foot in Shuafat, despite it technically being under Israeli control.  Bizarrely, although Shuafat looks a lot like Pisgat Ze'ev in many respects (except the houses are actually larger and often more luxurious in Shuafat) it is officially classified as a 'Palestinian refugee camp' by the United Nations.

Even though many residents of Shuafat are employed in Jewish businesses in Jerusalem, during the 2000-2004 Intifada residents of Shuafat celebrated each suicide attack against Israeli civilians with wild celebrations and fireworks (something I can personally testify to seeing). The same happened this summer when residents celebrated Hamas rocket attacks against Israel even though some were targeted at Jerusalem. Occasionally residents of Shuafat enjoy shooting at residents of Pisgat Ze'ev. Despite all of this the Jerusalem municipality in its wisdom decided to route the Jerusalem light railway with a stop in Shuafat to show that it wanted to serve all residents of Jerusalem. Although many residents of Shuafat use the train, this act of faith has been 'rewarded' with constant attacks on the train at Shuafat resulting not just in frequent loss of service (and millions of shekels wasted on repairs) but in Jews being too afraid to travel in it. Also, during the summer gangs of young thugs from Shuafat came up to Pisgat Ze'ev armed with knives. Little of this anti-Semitic Arab violence and intimidation is reported in the Israeli media, let alone the international media.

After sunset security patrol comes to monitor what is happening in Shuafat from outside my friend's apartment
All of that provides the background to what I witnessed today. Sitting in a friend's apartment in Pisgat Ze'ev overlooking Shuafat we could see an ISIS flag flying on one of the buildings. Nobody was particularly surprised by this. Nor was anybody surprised when after sunset a border security jeep stopped outside the house with three IDF soldiers (two Jews and a Druse) who had come with night vision binoculars to monitor what was going on in Shuafat. After providing them with coffee and cake they told us they were aware of ISIS flags in the village (I understand they had already been in to have them taken down). I also learned that it was soldiers from this unit who had found - hiding in Shuafat - the commander of the Hamas brigade who had ordered the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teenagers in June.

This was just an ordinary day in Pisgat Ze'ev.

In contrast, later the same evening in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square I was able to share in the joyous Simchat Torah celebrations (I hope to post more about that)
Simchat Torah celebrations in Tel Aviv this evening

Update: opposite the ISIS flag
Update: the current Intifada in Jerusalem 

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Where are the Allies v Iraqi 'number of deaths' scorecards?

The most iconic textual images from this summer's war between Israel and Hamas (as on all previous occasions when Israel finally responded to terrorist attacks from its neighbours) were the incessant 'number of deaths' scorecards that were shown tickertape fashion on every single news channel 24 hours a day. This obsessive ritual is used only when Israel is involved in a conflict, confirming the world cares about Arab deaths only when they can be blamed on the Jews. The figures (based anyway on the lies of Hamas who failed to report that most of the Palestinian deaths were Hamas members or people killed by Hamas themselves) - were used as the basis for the argument that Israel's actions were unjustified and 'disproportionate'  -since 'there were so few Israeli dead'; the figures were the focal point of every 'debate' and interview. While the world mourned the death of Hamas terrorists Palestinians, Israelis were made to feel ashamed that they had suffered so few deaths.

Now the UK and the USA are bombing ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria - just as Israel was bombing Hamas terrorists in Gaza - why are we not seeing scorecards of the number of dead 'Iraqis' or 'Syrians' from these air strikes set alongside the number of dead Brits and Americans? What about the 'disproportionate force' argument?

Anybody who has a chance to speak to a politician (Nick Clegg would be the perfect one) - or even a TV News editor - perhaps they can ask them 'how many British civilians have been killed from ISIS bombs in the UK?'. When he asks why that question is relevant you will know what the follow up is ....

See also: Reporting attacks against ISIS and against Hamas

Monday, October 06, 2014

Alan Henning and the Hamas-supporting Islamic 'charity' who conned him into going to Syria

Everybody knows that Alan Henning was a decent person who wanted to help suffering people but was brutally slaughtered doing a good deed. What nobody seems to want to know, however, is how he was unaware of the danger he was likely to face and how he ended up as part of a convey for an Islamic charity Al Fatiha Global under investigation for its links to Islamist gunmen in Syria (more here).

A report here on the charity is disturbing as it was actually written just before the convey left with Henning last December. The charity is open about its support for Hamas (see here about its funding of Hamas projects) and its admiration for Al Qaeda terrorists such as Aafia Siddiqui, after whom it named a vehicle. If the BBC and the rest of the British media were not so determined to cover up Islamic terrorism and its supporters in the UK Alan Henning might have decided to spend Christmas with his family instead of travelling with a bunch of terrorist supporters to one of the most dangerous places on earth.

It is also interesting to note how the media is not investigating how it came to be that every one of the Muslims accompanying Alan was released by ISIS - I find it hard to understand how at least the leader of the convoy (Kasim Jameel who, incidentally according to the report below, was arrested in July on child pornography and sexual assault charges) did not insist on staying with Alan until the end, since it was he who talked him into going.

Anyway, much more on this story by Marc Goldberg at Harry's Place whose report includes the following:
According to the Independent Henning travelled to Syria as part of a convoy organised by the group al Fatiha Global. The group denies responsibility for him in a statement on their Facebook page:

 “Whilst Alan was not under the direct responsibility of the charity Al Fatiha Global – as has been suggested widely in the media – he was a valued fellow convoy member, volunteer and friend to us for the duration of the journey until we reached the Turkey-Syria border, where he continued his journey into Syria with his group. He was amongst the first to enter Syria. He was detained shortly after.”

 The Telegraph reported in September that; “Mr Henning was driving an ambulance on behalf of Rochdale Aid 4 Syria, which raised money on behalf of Al-Fatiha Global, a registered charity currently under investigation by the Charity Commission after one of its leaders was photographed with his arms around two hooded fighters carrying machine guns.”

 It seems pretty disingenuous to me for al-Fatiha Global to be disassociating itself from Henning when he was a part of their convoy volunteering for a group raising money for them. On the ground it is quite clear that the al-Fatiha Global people were responsible for this convoy and therefore should bear responsibility for all who travelled with it.

Henning was one of only 8 who continued on into Syria. He was arrested by ISIS half an hour after crossing the Turkish border. The Telegraph article paints a damning picture of Al-Fatiha Global and Aid 4 Syria saying;

“Aid 4 Syria has also used its Facebook page to promote an event called O’Ummah Wake Up And Rise! at which the guest speakers were Zahir Mahmood and Moazzam Begg. Mr Mahmood describes the proscribed terrorist group Hamas as “freedom fighters” while Mr Begg, a former detainee at Guantanamo Bay, has admitted to fighting in Bosnia.

The team leader of the convoy was Kasim Jameel, who was arrested in July on child pornography and sexual assault charges before being released on police bail. The investigation remains active.”

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Exclusive: Reporting attacks against ISIS and against Hamas

In case anybody was thinking that there might be some double standards in the way the media is reporting US and British attacks against the terrorists of ISIS compared to Israeli attacks against the terrorists of Hamas, the following exclusive media reporting guide should quell any concerns you have:

                                       How to report the event

American/British attacks against ISIS
Israeli attacks against Hamas
Military target destroyed in populated area
Military target destroyed in pinpoint attack
Mass destruction of civilian area in bombardment
Terrorists killed in populated area
Militants killed in pinpoint attack
Massive loss of life in bombardment of civilian area
Between 1 and 5 civilians accidentally killed
No  news value in this, so do not report
Deliberate massacre of civilians
Over 5 civilians accidentally killed
No  news value in this, so do not report
Genocide committed against the civilian population
Civilians used as human shields are killed
Militants to blame as civilians used as human shields are killed
Deliberate killing of civilians
No civilians on our side are killed on our soil
Why would this even be considered as news?
Lack of civilian deaths is proof of disproportionate and unjustified attacks by Israel
One of our soldiers is killed
National sorrow for hero killed fighting terrorists. The enemy must pay for this
So few soldiers being killed is proof of disproportionate and unjustified attacks by Israel
Our home cities are being bombed
Hasn’t happened but if it does we must nuke them
No news value in this, so do not report.
Enemy commits terrorist atrocity such as kidnapping and beheading journalist or kidnapping and shooting schoolboys
ISIS must be destroyed for these acts of terrorism
Hamas must be rewarded and negotiated with as they only commit these acts out of frustration
Enemy fuel resource is destroyed
ISIS fuel resource destroyed
Civilian population left without fuel after Israelis deliberately target resource
We provide enemy with fuel, food and medicines while they attack us
Hasn’t happened but if it did the Government must resign
No news value in this, so do not report.


Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Now a request to rebuild Hamas comes through the letter-box

Following on from my post yesterday about an anti-Israel anti-Semitic newspaper being delivered free to households in Birmingham, this leaflet was today delivered to my house in a leafy suburb of London.

It is promoting a series of events "IN AID OF REBUILDING GAZA", which of course means rebuilding Hamas's terrorist infrastructure. While we gets lots of stuff thrown through the door I do not recall ever before receiving a leaflet promoting a foreign charity, let alone one where all the funds will go directly to a terrorist organisation. With all the terrible suffering of innocents around the world, the charities and do-gooders continue to focus most of their attention on the one group of people whose suffering was brought on entirely by themselves (has anybody seen any appeal to support the Christians of Nigeria being massacred and made homeless by the Islamists of Bok Haram?). Indeed, I was amazed to see yesterday that central London tube stations are all still running the Gaza DEC appeal posters extensively.

Personally, I am waiting with baited breath for the appeal for the rebuilding of ISIS following the American and British bombing campaign. Since ISIS was not actually launching thousands of missiles against either the US or Britain, such an appeal would actually be far more ethical than the Gaza appeals.

For the record the 'charity' behind the latest leaflet is called "human appeal". It appears to be an Islamic charity, and here is a screenshot from their website:

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anti-semitic anti-Israel propaganda delivered to Birmingham homes

"Slaney St Free" - (described on their website as a "Birmingham based democratic news co-operative") is a free monthly newspaper delivered to homes throughout Birmingham. It is not clear who funds it, as the website 'about' link is empty. The September edition - delivered to the home of a friend - has the Palestine flag on its cover and contains some of the most vicious anti-Israel propaganda I have seen outside of Muslim countries - mixed in with good old-fashioned anti-semitism.

As an example, the article below by Robert Brenchley called the "Cleansing of Palestine" repeats all the usual well-known lies and blood libels (including the infamous maps that lie) and inversion of reality (whereby it is the Jews who are apparently racist and terrorists and
"Israel has had opportunity after opportunity to make peace and settle the conflict, and has thrown away every one of them."). But it also contains some fairly novel material such as the spectacularly bizarre notion of Israel's 'demonization of Arab resistance' which presumably means that Israel is committing a crime for trying to stop terrorists killing its civilians. The article misquotes a fringe Israeli politician to conclude that the policy of the Government of Israel is to commit a Nazi-style genocide against the Palestinians. And it claims that the Jewish suffering in the Holocaust was not only not unique, but "was one of many genocides that resulted from the spread of the European empires".  This is the kind of material that is especially being used to target and brainwash students.

Update: Now a request to support Hamas comes through the letter box

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

George Mason University student supports ISIS beheading of Stephen Sotfloff because "he was an Israeli - part of Mossad"

This video of MRCTV’s Dan Joseph trying to get American University students to sign a petition (on 11 September) to support ISIS is currently doing the rounds. Most of those who sign are jerks who know nothing about ISIS and will sign anything that is presented as "anti-war" rhetoric. But, frighteningly, one girl who eagerly signs the petition clearly knows very well who they are. At 1.17 she says (about beheaded Jewish journalist Stephen Sotloff):

"Have you seen the Stephen guy the journalist (who got beheaded) .. he was actually an Israeli and part of the Mossad" ...
At 1.49 (after showing some other people) the video shows the same girl saying
"every religion has their moments ..don't even get me started on what the Christians did to non-believers".

Monday, September 22, 2014

Michael Connarty MP: not an antisemite?

When a member of the public wrote to Michael Connarty (Labour MP for Linlithgow and East Falkirk) after he had appeared at a Palestine Solidarity Campaign asking him politely whether he supported a two-state solution he accused the writer of being an Israeli spy.
I have been asked to forward the following update:
Well well.....I have had another email from Michael Connarty MP.

Please please do share my posts on this man - he is a real anti semite and is urging people to boycott Israel, and in so doing violating official Labour policy.

Perhaps when I told him that I was referring his rude one word reply to Ed Milliband he realised he'd better write a 'proper' response.

Just to recap: this is the man who accused a member of the British public of being an 'israeli government spy'.

Here is his latest email to me:

"What amazes me about the kind of twisted vitriol in E mails such as yours is that it reveals a sad bitterness born of prejudice as much as paranoia.
I have no prejudice against any person or group because of their belief or ethnicity. In particular I have no prejudice against people of the Jewish faith. I judge nations and groups as they behave. I do find those who claim anti semitism in any criticism of the disproportionate and murderous behaviour of Israel tiresome."
Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

And here is my response to him, which I have just sent:

You claim to have no prejudice against Israel - yet you hold her to a different standard than the rest of the planet.

You claim not to be an anti semite - yet accuse an ordinary member of the British public of being 'an Israeli government spy'.

You refer to all the tragic deaths in Gaza as being those of 'innocent civilians' - yet even HAMAS admits now that most of those killed were their own TERRORISTS.

You claim to not be anti semitic - yet you condemn the Jewish state for defending herself against an openly genocidal terrorist group.

Nice try.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Guess which Israelis and Jews ARE welcome at the LSE's Middle East Centre..

Yesterday I reported about Israelis not being eligible for scholarships at the LSE's Middle East Centre. This does not mean that Israelis and Jews have no place there. In fact, I can report that there are some Israelis and Jews who ARE welcome .... just those who happen to be anti-Zionists who also support the academic boycott of Israel. Indeed, in the next few weeks the Centre is hosting major presentations by two of the worst of such people: Smadar Lavi (on 27 October 2014) and Joel Beinin (on 4 November 2014) who are not just classic "self-hating Jews" but also archetypal examples of the very worst kind of deranged, pompous, self-righteous academics:

Smadar Lavie describes herself as an "Arab Jew residing in Israel" (although she actually works at the University of Berkeley California). You can read about her here (on the well named "Pathetic Assholes Conspiring to Boycott Israel" website). She has managed to create her own special category of extremist ultra-leftist anti-Zionist "Mizrahi" feminism. She is a regular contributor to the anti-Israel blog Electronic Intifada and she uses her Israeli nationality to deligitimize Israel publicly claiming it is an apartheid state. Here is her own report of her presentation last week to the antisemitic Irish-Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The Jewish anti-Israel (and some claim antisemitic) website Mondoweiss  published a favourable review of her latest book which is the subject of her talk entitled: "Mizrahi Mothers, Wrapped in the Flag: Ultra-Nationalism, Apartheid, and the Divinity of Bureaucracy in Israel".

To give you a feel for the academic pomposity, hatred, and downright lies of Lavie here is a letter she had published in the Guardian in 2005 supporting the academic boycott of Israel. It ends with the assertion
"...Israel's academics perpetrate and benefit from the systematic discrimination against Israel's 70% non-European majority (48% Mizrahim and 22% Palestinian). Israel's Ashkenazi "post-Zionist" professors, brandishing their progressive politics as they use Mizrahim and Palestinians for grantsmanship and as career advancement tools, are just the cynical tip of this apartheid iceberg"

Joel Beinin (a Professor at Stanford University) is a leading figure in the Israel boycott campaign. Here is his recent article on the Mondoweiss blog criticising those who argued against a boycott, but even more revealing is this video interview conducted with him during the recent Gaza conflict where his support for Hamas and contempt for Israel are overwhelming (at 27:37 he calls Israeli teenagers "Nazis"). Richard Millett wrote about a previous talk by Beinin in which he said (of Israel's attempt to improve accommodation for Bedouins in the Negev) that this was “putting them into what would effectively be concentration camps.”  His talk at the LSE is entitled "High-Risk Activism and Popular Struggle against the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank".

Sky News' increasingly obsessive anti-Israel agenda

As you can see from the report here at Harry's Place, the Deputy News Editor of  Sky News Arabia (Jessy El Murr) refuses to allow any report from the Israeli perspective and believes that the Israelis have surpassed not only the evil of the Nazis but the worst evil in the world by "miles and miles and miles and more miles".

But the author of the article makes the mistake of assuming that Sky News Arabia is not at all representative of the main Sky News franchise.  She clearly has not been following the main Sky News' coverage of Israel since 2005 (when Israel-hating James Murdoch** took over). Here are some examples of stories about Sky News bias that I have written over the years. Their systematic anti-Israel bias is actually worse than the BBC and, unlike the BBC, they normally ignore formal complaints completely.
** See, for example: Murdoch, Son differ sharply over Israel,   Saudi Prince endorses anti-Israel Murdoch son to head FOX News empire.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Israelis barred from applying to the LSE's Middle East Centre Scholarship Programme

In 2010 I reported on how the new Middle East Centre at the prestigious LSE (London School of Economics) eradicated Israel from the map (literally), and how leading members of the Centre's managment team supported an academic boycott of Israel.  Despite many subsequent assurances that the map was an error and that the Centre "provides balanced and informed analysis of the region ...and is committed to rigorous research and scholarship with the scrupulous preservation of its academic independence" the Centre does not allow Israelis to apply for its Masters Scholarship Programme. Indeed the LSE's web page specifies:

Applicants must be nationals of an Arab League member State: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, occupied Palestinian territory, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria*, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen.
* Although Syria’s membership to the Arab League has been suspended, applicants from Syria are still eligible to apply.

So it appears that the 'balance' which the LSE Director spoke about still does not include an Israeli viewpoint, which is curious since most of the Centre's "world-leading research" is about the Arab-Israeli conflict, since academics and researchers at the Centre claim that Israel is central to the 'problems' of the Middle East.

I would be interested to know if the Programme is legal, let alone acceptable within LSE's Charter.

There are other ongoing issues about the Centre's anti-Israel stance that I hope to be covering in the coming weeks. Here are the previous links:

Update: Some Israelis are welcome at the Centre ....

Saturday, September 13, 2014

BBC refuses to address complaint that it failed to cover the killing of Israeli child

On 22 August I made a formal complaint to the BBC (and also Sky News) about their failure to report on the main TV News the Hamas killing of 4-year-old Israeli child Daniel Tragerman (as covered in my story here). Here is the exact text of my complaint to the BBC:
BBC News tonight has failed to cover the very important story of an Israeli child (4-year-old Daniel Tragerman) who was killed in Israel by a Hamas rocket fired from a UN School in Gaza. BBC News has had something of an obsession with (often inaccurate) stories of children "killed from Israeli strikes on UN Schools". Yet now you are no longer interested in dead children and UN Schools associated with Gaza, even on a relatively quiet UK news day - not even in the tickertape headlines. For more details see my report here:
I have now had a response from the BBC (see below). As you can see they have completely ignored my specific complaint and have instead sent a boilerplate response that presumably they send to all people who they classify as 'complaining of anti-Israel bias'. Isn't nice to know that the hundreds of millions of pounds that the BBC receives annually from tax payers is not able to stretch to responding to a serious complaint such as this (although the BBC did manage to find £12 million to send 272 staff to Brazil for the World Cup final). The response is actually a very weak defence anyway of their anti-Israel bias because although they say they have mentioned all the kind of things (such as Hamas use of human shields) which presumably people have accused them of ignoring, they only provide two links to back this up. They do not address the fact that the BBC's entire TV coverage was dominated with the Hamas perspective.

Dear Mr Davidson

Thank you for contacting us about the recent escalation in violence in Gaza and Israel. We have received a wide range of feedback about our coverage of this story across our television and radio programmes and the BBC News website. In order to use our TV licence fee resources efficiently, this response aims to answer the key concerns, but we apologise in advance if it doesn’t address your specific points in the manner you would prefer.

BBC News has reported extensively on the series of rocket attacks launched by Hamas and other Palestinian militants into southern and central Israel in recent weeks. We have reported on the civilian injuries and casualties, destruction and disruption caused by the attacks in towns near Gaza, such as Ashkelon and Sderot. We have also reported on the range and capability of Hamas’ arsenal, emphasising that major urban areas like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are also under threat from attacks.

During our coverage of Israel’s airstrikes in Gaza we have reported on efforts made by the Israel Defense Forces seeking to minimise civilian causalities. We have detailed the prior warnings given to Palestinian civilians and have reflected Israel’s claims that Hamas hide weapons in civilian areas and employ non-militants as human shields:

BBC News has also examined the cause of the conflict, as seen by each side, including Hamas’ hostility to the state of Israel. We believe we have reported on these issues in a fair and impartial manner.

Please be assured we raised your concerns with senior editorial staff at BBC News.

Kind Regards

BBC Complaints

Incidentally, Sky News never responded to my complaint other than with an automated  "Thank you for your comment".

Thursday, September 11, 2014

If the BBC reported 9/11 like it reports attacks against Israel....

11 September 2001
Arabs massacred by Americans in day of tit-for-tat violence
The cycle of violence in America spiralled out of control today when a series of violent incidents left thousands dead. Those killed are known to include many Arab and Muslim civilians. UN sources and Al Jaziera have confirmed that many of the Arabs killed were refugee children who had fled from oppression. Although an American spokesman claimed that they too suffered “many civilian deaths”, this has been denied by the UN-affiliated relief workers in the Al Quaeda organisation who maintain that the only Americans killed were military personnel and illegal settlers.
The violence started when one of five unarmed Arab civilians, who boarded a 767 aircraft in Boston, was refused permission to fly the plane, despite having a valid flying licence. The American authorities have been imposing increasingly tight restrictions on the freedom of movement of Arab civilians within the US. This humiliation to their dignity has created, not unsurprisingly, deep anger and resentment among even moderate Arabs and other Muslims. When the fully qualified pilot was denied the opportunity to work in his chosen profession, he became understandably angry. The outnumbered Arab men were then attacked by members of the crew, but what really happened next may never be known. What is certain is that all of the five Arabs were killed, along with the plane’s other occupants (primarily military and intelligence personnel along with some illegal American settlers) when the plane crashed into the North tower of the World Trade Center. Al Jaziera and the UN confirmed that the building (which housed a mosque) contained many Arab refugee children, who were all killed in the attack along with a number of Muslim workers. Some illegal American settlers dressed as businessmen may also have perished.
As news of the Muslim civilian deaths became known, it is believed that Arabs on another aircraft reacted with understandable passion, battling with military and security personnel. This plane soon crashed into the south tower of the Word trade center. After this second crash the US military ordered an unprecedented grounding of all civilian flights over US airspace, thus denying all Muslims living in the US the right to travel. On hearing news of this racist attack on their human rights and livelihood, a group of Arab militants on another airplane mounted a daring tit-for-tat strike. With nothing else to lose, and in sheer desperation, the militants crashed the plane they were travelling in into the very heart of the brutal US military machine – the Pentagon killing scores of soldiers.
In an escalation of the violence - and without any United Nations mandate  - the US military responded by threatening to shoot down any airplane still flying that was piloted by Arab Muslims. This brutal, illegal and racist measure led to the final, and most outrageous act of violence of the day, committed by a group of self-styled American settler vigilantes aboard flight 93 to San Francisco. On learning that their airplane was being flown by an Arab pilot, the American settlers took it upon themselves to massacre all the Muslim Arabs on board. In the ensuing struggle the Arab pilot was savagely killed and the plane crashed into a field, killing all the occupants, many of whom were Muslim refugee children. The US military is likely to have to accept full responsibility for the final massacre, since they had given messages to the settler passengers on board flight 93 that the Arab pilots were planning to crash the plane into the White House, even though no proof of such a wild claim had been presented to the United Nations. The French and German leaders have already demanded a UN enquiry into the massacre.

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Thursday, September 04, 2014

More antisemitic incidents in leafy London suburb

As I pointed out in my article on the irony of the anti-Semitism debate, the blood libels against Israel spouted by supposed 'friends' like Louise Mensch really are having an impact. The following two incidents (told to me by our Neighbourhood Watch rep) happened in the road next to mine last week (a leafy London Suburb). They are of a different range of seriousness, but the same poisonous source (namely the continuous blood libels against Israel):

Incident 1: Jewish family celebrating an event. A neighbour (who is unhappy that so many people are parking near his house) grabs open the car door of one of the visitors and shouts at the driver
 "You f*king Jews think you can do what you want. Well this isn't Palestine. It's a shame Hitler didn't finish the job".  
I understand the neighbour has been charged with racially aggravated assault.

Incident 2: Jewish man I know well (let's call him Joe) chatting with elderly Church-going neighbours (who Joe has known for years) and who have their grand-daughter with them. Elderly couple ask how Joe's daughter is getting on in Israel. Grand-daughter pipes up "Israel? My Mummy says that is a terrible country we must boycott".

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The irony of the 'rising anti-semitism' debate: the ignorant Louise Mensch and the Jewish News

Update: This is so important I feel I need to summarise the key point: Louise Mensch states that Israel has no right to self defence and that it kills hundreds of children as a punishment for the rocket attacks. This is as clear a case of blood libel and incitement as you could wish to see. That it was made in a Jewish publication in an article denouncing antisemitism is beyond belief.

 The Jewish News has the above full page article** by Louise Mensch about how disgraceful it is that anti-semitism is increasing as a result of the Gaza conflict and why it needs to be stopped. Neither the Jewish News, nor the ignorant Mensch*** herself, appreciates the irony of the article. Everyone with half a brain knows that the current increase in antisemitism is the direct result of the hysterical anti-Israel media and political narrative of the Gaza conflict and, in particular, the continual repetition of the Hamas propaganda and blood libel that Israel is deliberately killing hundreds of Palestinian children. Indeed - as you can see - the picture that the Jewish News uses to illustrate the anti-semitism is one of a screaming mob holding placards that state this very blood libel. The irony is that Mensch not only regurgitates this very blood libel in the article itself but also makes it clear that she believes Israel has no right of self defence at all other than to use the Iron Dome:
" I do not support the Israeli action in Gaza. Let’s get that out of the way at the start. There is not much prospect of convincing any readers here, so I don’t propose to try. (Iron Dome already kept Israel safe and defended and there are better ways to punish for rockets than killing hundreds of children). Rather I want to concentrate on the revolting stream of anti-semitism the Gaza war has unleashed."
Indeed Mensch has made quite a name for herself in the last few weeks by writing a stream of hysterical anti-Israel pieces (such as the one mentioned here) along the lines of the above paragraph. She has been particularly outraged that so few Jewish civilians were killed in comparison to Palestinians and, because Israel has refused her demand to refrain from defending itself, she believes Israel deserves to be a pariah state.

Any attempt to 'stop the current wave of anti-semitism' which fails to address the blood libels made by the media and politicians against Israel is doomed to fail. That is why anyone who says 'this has got nothing to do with Israel' is not helping. It is also why people who say "Jews should not be punished for what Israel is doing"  are actually part of the problem.  Moreover, any attempt to 'stop the current wave of anti-semitism' by bringing on board those who actually propagate the blood libels against Israel will actually lead to increased anti-semitism. That is why it was so wrong of the Board of Deputies to issue their joint statement with the Muslim Council of Britain (who have been one of the prime sponsors of the blood libel in the UK) and why it was wrong for the Jewish News to give a full page to Louise Mensch. With this mentality we can expect to see people like George Galloway and Anjem Choudary invited to address meetings demanding an end to anti-semitism.

We need to make clear that examples of anti-semitism include any of the following statements:

"Israel deliberately kills Palestinian civilians" (Jewish blood libel)
"Israel is guilty of murder" (Jewish blood libel)
"Israel has no right to self-defence"  (denies the Jewish state the same right as any other state)
"Palestine must be Free" (means death to all Jews of Israel)
"Israel is an apartheid state" (blood libel against the Jewish state)
"Boycott Israel" (a call to destroy the Jewish state)

Anybody making any of those statements cannot be part of a campaign to stop anti-semitism.

** A slightly different online version to the above can be found here.

***What is rather sad about Louise Mensch is that, before the recent Gaza conflict her only public 'connection' with Israel was a positive one in that she managed to get an apology from the BBC for failing to cover the story of the massacre of the Fogel family by Palestinian terrorists.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: New Statement of Reconciliation from the Board of Deputies*

Following on from its unprecedented joint statement of reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood I can exclusively reveal below a new statement of reconciliation that the Board is issuing tomorrow with the surviving members of the German National Socialist Party and the Waffen SS.

* Satire, but the original joint statement is not much different

Wineman must resign as Chair of Board of Deputies - and the Chief Rabbi also provides comfort for Israel haters

29/8/14 UPDATE EXCLUSIVE: New statement of reconciliation now issued by the Board.

The Board of Deputies - and in particular its inept Chairman Vivian Wineman - is under fire today for signing a ludicrous joint statement with the Muslim Council of Britain (a Muslim Brotherhood organisation). The statement not only treats antisemitism and 'Islamaphobia' as equal in seriousness but also suggests that Israel is equally at fault as Hamas in 'deliberately targeting civilians'.  Of course Wineman has denied that this was his understanding of the statement, but that simply confirms his naivety and ignorance.

The Jewish Community of the UK has been demanding its 'leaders' show forceful support for Israel in the light of the hysterical anti-Israel hatred and bigotry that has engulfed the country, Much of that hatred has actually been vigorously promoted by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) who have sponsored all of the major anti-Israel demonstrations that have taken place. We expected our 'leaders' not only to challenge the false narrative about Israel presented by the media and politicians but also to make clear to the public that the totally unjustified singling out and delegitimisation of the Jewish State for daring to defend itself from terrorists was, by definition, an act of antisemitism that must not be accepted. Calls to destroy Israel (which includes MCB 'Free Palestine' placards and chants of 'From the river to the sea Palestine will be free') are acts of antisemitism that must be challenged, as are boycott protests against the Jewish state and its citizens. The fact that physical antisemitic attacks have followed directly from the anti-Israel narrative only proves the importance of tackling the root cause of the problem: irrational hatred - and demonization -  of Israel.

Yet, instead our 'leaders' have chosen to side with one of the majon organisations promoting deligitimization of Israel.  That our 'leaders' failed to grasp the message was first evident at the Tricyle Theatre demonstration when all the pre-prepared signs said "Don't punish London Jews" (with the clear unwritten message that "we are not to blame for Israel's crimes"). Supporters were even told 'not to bring Israeli flags'. So, instead of sending the message  'we stand with Israel who is simply defending herself against evil', our community leaders were saying 'we sort of admit that Israel is in the wrong but there is no need to punish non-Israeli Jews for it'.

And that is precisely the kind of message (protesting about the current wave of antisemitism without calling out the Israel hatred root cause) that has been repeated by our 'leaders' ever since. Astonishingly it is the same message presented in the extremely weak article in today's Telegraph by the Chief Rabbi. Like the BoD statement (and similar ones by CST) this article provides comfort for anti-Israel bigots. The Chief Rabbi says that antisemitism "is often confused with anti-Zionism. Israel as a subject will always lead to impassioned debate." What he should have said was the reason Israel is the focus of "impassionate debate" is precisely because of antisemitism. People who single out the Jewish state for their anger are, by definition, antisemites. The Chief Rabbi's remarks simply provide comfort and cover for antisemitic bigots like George Galloway and Russell Brand who claim that they are not antisemities because they only demand the destruction of the Jewish State and not the destruction of all Jews. The Chief Rabbi also inexplicably whitewashed the Jihad motives behind the Jewish school killings in Toulouse in his article. he is presumably being advised by the BoD.

Instead of penning statements with the message "it is antisemitic to take take your anger at Israel out on non-Israeli Jews" it is about time our leaders hammered home the message that "your anger at Israel is antisemitic". For while the media, academics, and politicians are to blame for having propagated the big lie about Israel for so long, people who are so brainwashed by this lie to take to the streets and demand the destruction of Israel must still have been inherently antisemitic.